Managed Services

IT Managed Services in South West London

IT Managed Services is a type of software that actively monitors your computer or laptop, and gives advance warning of failure.   We offer these IT managed services in South West London. Modern computers have temperature sensors for monitoring the temperature of the system, and give a signal when the temperature rises. The hard drive gives messages about errors, and certain messages are reported as signs of failure. 

The system is also monitored for known malicious activity, signalling a virus, worm, Trojan or rootkit.

The cloud-based or on-site software provided monitors your system 24/7/365, and gives notice that an engineer is needed to fix the problem.  As the engineer will be told what the problem is, he will come prepared, thus saving valuable time.  The engineer’s visit can be arranged at a convenient time. 

The fan and hard drive are mechanical devices and become more prone to failure through use.

Another feature of IT Managed Services is the provision of reliable and secure backup to the cloud.

If you would rather keep your data on the premises, then a NAS drive might suit your purposes.  A NAS drive contains two hard drives, each a mirror of the other, so you have two copies of your data.  If one drive fails, it is replaced under warranty, (3-years warranty on all drives), the data is copied automatically to the new drive, thus maintaining two copies of your data at all times.  You can access your data while away from the office with a secure password.

If you have ever lost data because of computer failure or viruses, which put your data and, therefore, your business at risk, you will appreciate the value of IT managed services, as it is about reducing your computer downtime to near zero percent, and reducing the total cost of ownership of the computer.

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